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About Trottiscliffe Parish Council

Trottiscliffe Village Sign

Trottiscliffe Parish Council has 7 parish councillors. All are unpaid volunteers who give up their time for the benefit of the community in which they live or work. Elections are held every four years.

Trottiscliffe Parish Council administers a wide range of amenities within the parish to ensure they are maintained in proper order. It also comments on local planning applications before they are decided by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC). For matters outside the parish council’s remit, such as highways or policing, it will take up local concerns with the relevant authorities.

The biggest single source of income is the precept from TMBC, which collects all council tax and then distributes it to every parish in the borough as well as to the county, fire and police authorities.

The Annual Parish Meeting, held each April, is an opportunity for parish residents to find out what the Council has been doing for the past year and how the money has been spent.

We are always keen to listen to the views of our residents and members of the public are welcome to attend Trottiscliffe Parish Council Meetings and/or contact the Clerk by phone: 07544 863324 or email: