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Planning Applications


TM/20/02126/FL – 2 Sharon Cottages, Taylors Lane, Trottiscliffe
First floor extension.
Resolved: No objection

TM/20/02266/FL – Darrens Meadow Farm, Green Lane, Trottiscliffe
Replacement dayroom.
Resolved object. We object to the bulk and size of this proposed building which is more than double the size of the original so will not match the existing footprint. We feel it is inappropriate development and will have an impact on the AONB. We remain concerned about the access to this site given that Green Lane is a narrow single lane road.

TM/20/02255/FL – 1 Green Lane, Trottiscliffe, ME19 5DX
Demolition of existing one storey bungalow to enable erection of a semi-detached five bedroom dwelling.
Resolved: To object. In principle we do not object to a sympathetic extension but do object to the current proposal. We feel that the proposed dwelling 5 bedroom dwelling still represents an over development of the site and are concerned that the building takes over the whole plot leaving very little space for a garden and indeed parking. Although we note that the height of the roof has been lowered we still feel that the bulk of this property not only interferes with the general street scene but also with sight lines and the overall visibility. We remain concerned about the increase in traffic movements and access on to this narrow road. We would like to refer you back to the original planning permission for 1-8 Green Lane which stated that the Planning Committee felt that Green Lane, by reason of its restricted width and poor horizontal alignment, is unsuitable to service any additional dwellings and is also unsuitable for use Parish Council Minutes 5 November 2020 by heavy and large lorries. We disagree with the statement that the building is in keeping with neighbouring properties the west facing profile in particular is out of keeping. The proposed elevation
and window treatments do not match anything in the road which is a combination of Listed and cottage style dwellings. Parking remains a concern and the proposed two spaces are at a dangerous angle to the road in terms of access and visibility. The parking spaces in the area are not allocated parking. We question the accuracy of some of the measurements on the plans in particular those of the front garden and the distance of the house from the road and would like these validated. We still believe that this proposal will affect the residential amenity of the neighbouring property.

TM/20/02407/TNCA – Land south east of Court Mead, School Lane, Trottiscliffe
Sycamore – fell. Resolved: No objection

TM/20/02430/TNCA – Ivy Cottage, Taylors Lane, Trottiscliffe, ME19 5DS
Wild plum – fell. Resolved: No objection

TM/20/02439/TPOC – 9 Green Lane, Trottiscliffe, ME19 5DX
Weeping willow – carry out a 30% crown reduction. Resolved: No objection



TM/20/01804/FL Land South of Hillview known as Basset Park, Taylors Lane
Erection of a building to be used as a stable and barn.



None to consider.


Withdrawn applications

None to consider.


Planning Appeals

TM/20/01590/FL – Elpatos, Pilgrims Way, Trottiscliffe, ME19 5EP
Proposed single storey walkway connection and conversion of garage to residential accommodation.