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Planning Applications


23/03328: The Little Cottage, Pilgrims Way, Trottiscliffe
Two storey and part single storey rear extension. Hip to gable loft conversion with barn hips and new dormers to front and rear elevations.
No objection.

24/00022/PA: Downlands, Taylors Lane, Trottiscliffe
3x multistemmed Leyland Cypress (circled green on sketch plan) – section fell to ground level (approx 25ft high, overgrown and leggy). Proposed replanting of new ornamental trees and shrubs along fence line.

23/03459/HH: Farriers, Pinesfield Lane, Trottiscliffe
Removal of rear conservatory, single storey rear extension, entrance porch, new roof covering and general alterations.

24/00063/PA: Cuttings Cottage, Green Lane, Trottiscliffe
T1 cherry standing upon the front lawn of the applicant’s garden. Proposed is the crown reduction/shaping, from 7m (height) x 6m (lateral spread) to 5m x 5m respectively, with a crown raise to 2m. 10% int thinning & removal of deadwood as found.

24/00061/PA: Long Gore Cottage, Green Lane, Trottiscliffe
T1, copper beech. To have crown reduction of approx 30% from current height/lateral spread of 12m and 5m to 8m & 4m respectively. Internal thinning of 10% & removal of deadwood as found.


None to consider.


None to consider.

Withdrawn applications

None to consider.

Other Planning Issues

1] 23/00219/WORKH: Darrens Meadow, Green Lane: regarding alleged works not in accordance with TM/20/02653/FL

2] 22/00314/FL: Hillside, Pilgrims Way, alleged breach of planning regarding a stable

3] 22/00190/WORKH: Works to land on Pilgrims Way