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The history of Trottiscliffe

A quaint old English wedding celebrated at Trosley, 15th September 1909

This is an ongoing project to catalogue and preserve the entire history of our village and introduce it to the 21st Century.

Memories of Tonbridge & Malling 2000 – 2010

As the first decade of the mil­lennium draws to a close, Peter Ellis is appealing for residents to share their memor­ies for an interactive CD.

The idea is to create a com­prehensive pictorial account of Tonbridge and Mailing life over the past 10 years – through the eyes of the people.

The subject matter is com­pletely open and can be as diverse as people want it to be.

Peter is looking for pictures and text/audio comments of events to make it an illustrative memory bank of 2000 to 2010.

By using the latest technology the CD-ROM will contain details of all 28 of the Boroughs Towns, Villages and Hamlets which can be navigated by users according to their own preference.

The final contents are very reliant on contributions from Individuals, Societies, Schools and Businesses.

Contributions can be a complete entry or just a single picture – i.e. A Public event in your area such as the Tour de France – A visit from your Twin Town – Your own families celebrations.

Short stories (in audio and text); Musical items and Poems from local groups or individuals would enhance what is expected to be a goodly variety of items for all tastes and ages.

The CD-ROM will also include elements of news of events that have affected residents without any political bias.  There will be ‘Headline News’ such as the Big Robbery in Tonbridge – to residents winning awards for a variety of actions and talents.  Plus items on House Building – Building of local Bye Passes – etc. The range only limited by contributions.

Peter was responsible for the Council’s CD-ROM Recollections and Aspirations made to celebrate the Millennium and with residents’ help wants to make the new one worth having as a keepsake for every family.

This is a purely voluntary project and any profits made from futures sales of the CD-ROM will be given to local charities.

It is hoped that there will be updates on the progress of the project on Tonbridge & Malling Council’s Web-site with the expected publication date being November 2010.

In the first instance please contact Peter at his e-mail address Or Telephone 01732 503562