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Partnership working with Trottiscliffe Church of England Primary School

Trottiscliffe School Community Farm is being established with the assistance of the Parish Council who will be leasing them the land (2.6 acres off Green Lane).

The school intends to create a community asset that will also enable the pupils to learn more about where their food comes from and associated conservation matters. The school is preparing a ‘land-based’ curriculum to provide access to leaning based around the farm.  They already have on order, four micropigs which will be petting animals for the children.  In addition, twelve chickens will go onto the farm once a pen is ready for them. A volunteer has offered to provide some lambs during May.

The school intend to have Open Days.  Members of the local community will be able to come along to see what is happening and there are lots of opportunities for people to volunteer.  If you would like to volunteer your help please contact Dave Urmston on: