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KALC Community Award 2019 for services to the community

KALC community award Ann Kemp

Anne Kemp Community Award 2019 – for services to the community

If you scan the horizon of community activities in Trottiscliffe, you will no doubt find that Ann has had some contact with it.

True, Ann has lived in the village for a long time, but she has a significant involvement in our community. Attempting to include all of these, is a dangerous task, as no-doubt something will be missed out. So outlined here are just some of her associations and placed in no particular order:

Nursery School

Ann instigated in 1970’s we believe, a children’s Nursery School, and with the help of Nina Lloyd Williams, Chris Ledaman and others, it continued for many years.

Ann and her team provided a positive learning environment, whilst also promoting friendship between young families. I am told that Ann and her team, cherished the experience as much as the children. Witnessing first hand amusing and innocent interactions and conversations between the children. Also seeing at first-hand childhood inquisitive explorations and experimentations which, is all part of the growing up process.

Local councils

Ann was a Parish Councillor and was chair for several years. She continues being an active member of TMBC and she has held the exalted position mayor and currently is chair of the TMBC Planning committee.

Thinking of others

Ann always considers other people. She donated the land on which the tennis and netball courts have been constructed. The former is thriving both in terms of tennis and also holds several social events. All made possible because of Ann’s generous donation.

The Primary School has always had a special place in Ann’s heart and she was in the front line of objectors when the school was threatened with closure and she made sure it remained open. Ann is also a regular worshiper at the Church.

Fundraising and social events

Ann has initiated, attended, supported fundraising and social events whenever she is can.

By now you must agree that Ann is a most worthy recipient of this Community Award.

A big thank you Ann.